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Test Code 890SL, EPIC LAB6331 Illumina Prenatal Microarray Analysis (890, 890PREC or 890PRET)

Important Note

Can be used to order WSLH Test codes:

890 - neonatal or adult testing

890PREC or 890PRET - prenatal testing

Performing Laboratory

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

Specimen Requirements

Specimen must be received by the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene within 24 hours of collection.


WSLH 890

Specimen Type: Blood

Container/Tube: Dark-green top (sodium heparin)

Specimen Volume: 4-6ml

Collection Instructions: Draw blood using aseptic techniques into a sterile Sodium Heparin vacuum type tube(s). Invert tube(s) to mix. If using larger tubes, draw to full volume to avoid over-treatment with anticoagulant.





WSLH 890PREC and 890PRET

Submit one of the following specimens


Specimen Type: Amniotic fluid

Container/Tube: Two or three sterile 15ml centrifuge tubes

Specimen Volume: 15-25 ml

Collection Instructions: Collect amniotic fluid under sterile, ultrasound guided conditions using a 22-gauge needle inserted through the uterine wall and into the amniotic cavity. Discard the first 1-2ml of amniotic fluid to minimize the possibility of maternal cell contamination. Dispense 15-30 ml of the remaining amniotic fluid into two or three sterile 15 ml centrifuge tubes.


Specimen Type: Chorionic villus

Container/Tube: transport media

Specimen Volume: 10-30 mg tissue

Collection Instructions: Using aseptic technique, obtain at least 10mg of chorionic villi, taken between 11-38 weeks of gestation. Place villi into a flask with transport media provided by the department


Specimen Type: Products of conception

Container/Tube: sterile tissue vial containing transport media

Specimen Volume: 0.3-0.5cm cubed section

Collection Instructions: Healthy tissue is pale pink to red in color, indicating an active blood supply. Placenta that includes chorionic villi is usually mottled pink/red. Samples that are solid dark red are usually blood clots and may not contain fetal tissue. Tissue that is pale tan to brown should be avoided if possible as this indicates necrosis. A 0.3-0.5cm cubed section of each tissue type should be collected using aseptic procedures. Place the specimen in a sterile tissue vial containing transport media.


Specimen Type: FFPE tissue or frozen tissue

Collection Instructions: The cytogenetics laboratory will attempt to work with the specimen received and will return any unused material.


Specimen Type: Cultured cells

Container/Tube: 3-T25 flasks,70% confluent


In addition for 890PREC or 890PRET, sending 4ml blood in Sodium Heparin from both parents if available will expedite the interpretation of abnormal findings.


Specimen Transport Temperature

Store and transport specimens at room temperature (may transport with coolant during hot, >85° F weather).



Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday-Friday 7:45 AM - 4:30 PM

Saturday 7:45 AM - 12:00 PM


Test Classification and CPT Coding



Cytogenomic constitutional (genome-wide) microarray analysis; interrogation of genomic regions for copy number and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) variants for chromosomal abnormalities