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Test Code SQ FFN, EPIC LAB287 Fetal Fibronectin Test


Adeza Biomedical TLi Solid-Phase Immunosorbent System

Useful in the detection of fetal fibronectin in cervicovaginal secretions. Between 24 to 34 completed weeks gestation, this is associated with preterm delivery in symptomatic and asymptomatic pregnant women.

Performing Laboratory

Meriter Laboratories

Specimen Requirements

Specimen must arrive within 72 hours of collection.


Specimen Type: Cervicovaginal

Container/Tube: Adeza Specimen Collection Kit

Specimen Volume: Adequate amount

Collection Instructions:

1. Obtain cervicovaginal secretions prior to digital cervical examination or vaginal probe ultrasound examination as manipulation of the cervix may cause release of fetal fibronectin.

2. Patient should not be tested with 24 hours after sexual intercourse because semen and/or sperm present may cause a false-positive result.

3. Do not use lubricants, soaps, or disinfectant (eg, K-Y Jelly lubricant, Betadine disinfectant, hexachlorophene) on speculum or cervicovaginal secretions as they may interfere with test.

4. Moderate or gross vaginal bleeding may interfere with test.

Specimen Transport Temperature


Reference Values

Results reported as positive or negative with interpretation.

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Test Classification and CPT Coding