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Test Code SQ UCA24H, EPIC LAB814 Calcium, Quantitative, 24 Hour, Urine


Calcium - NM BAPTA Complex

Performing Laboratory

Meriter Laboratories

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Urine, 24-hour collection

Container/Tube: Plastic urine container

Specimen Volume: 20 mL

Collection Instructions:

1. Collect urine for 24 hours.

2. Add 5 mL of 6N HCl at start of collection as preservative. If specimen is refrigerated throughout collection period, no preservative is necessary.

3. Follow instructions in Urine Collection in Special Instructions.

4. Mix well before taking aliquot.

Additional Information:

1. 24-Hour volume is required.

2. If not equipped to accurately measure total urine volume, forward entire collection to Meriter Laboratories.

Specimen Transport Temperature


Reference Values

>16 years: 100-320 mg/24 hours with normal food intake

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Specimen Requirements Additional Information

Specimen Stability:

Urine is stable at ambient temperature (15o C-25o C) for 2 days, refrigerated (2o C-8o C) for 4 days, and frozen (≤-15o C) for 3 weeks.

Test Classification and CPT Coding

81050-Urine timed measurement (non-aliquoted specimen only)

Special Instructions