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Test Code SQ ZOVAPC, EPIC LAB5381 Ova and Parasite, Comprehensive, Stool


Profile Information:
Test Code Published Name
SQ ZGIARD, EPIC LAB1319 Cryptosporidium/Giardia Antigen, Feces
Reflex Tests:
SQ OAPM, EPIC LAB955 Parasitic Examination
SQ ZOPSL (Cannot be ordered separately.) Ova and Parasites

Testing Algorithm:

See Parasitology in Special Instructions for ordering algorithm.

If patient being tested has recent, relevant travel history outside of the United States; has recently resided in a developing country; is immunocompromised; or has unexplained eosinophilia; #SQ OAPM, EPIC LAB955 Parasitic Examination (Mayo Medical Laboratories) or #SQ ZOPSL (Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene) will be performed at an additional charge.

Method Name:

#SQ ZGIARD, EPIC LAB1319: Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)

#SQ OAPM, EPIC LAB955: Microscopic

#SQ ZOPSL: Formalin-Ethylacetate Concentration

Performing Laboratory

Meriter Laboratories/Mayo Medical Laboratories/Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

Specimen Requirements

Parasitic Examination to Mayo Medical Laboratories

See #SQ OAPM, EPIC LAB955 Parasitic Examination for test information.


Cryptosporidium/Giardia Antigen
Specimen Type: Stool, fresh

Container/Tube: SAF preservative (yellow-top container, supply #900212), Cary Blair preservative, or formalin

Specimen Volume: 5 g

Additional Information:

1. The following information is required:

Travel History: Indicate in “COMMENT/OTHER” section of requisition if patient being tested has:

  a. Recent, relevant travel history outside of the United States

  b. Recently resided in a developing country

  c. Is immunocompromised

  d. Has unexplained eosinophilia

2. Specimens are held for 3 working days (excluding weekends) for possible requests for additional testing.

3. Positive results for Cryptosporidium/Giardia are reported to the Department of Public Health.

4. If specimen volume is insufficient for both SAF transport media and ECOFIX preservative, submit SAF only. In these instances, the concentrated microscopic examination (if needed) will be sent to the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene.


Specimen Transport Temperature

SAF Fixative: Refrigerated OK/Ambient OK/Frozen NO


Unpreserved specimen: Refrigerated <48 hours OK/Frozen >48 hours OK/Ambient NO

Reference Values

Cryptosporidium /Giardia ANTIGEN

Negative (reported as positive or negative for Cryptosporidium and Giardia )




If positive, organism identified.

Day(s) Test Set Up

Cryptosporidium/Giardia Antigen: Monday through Sunday

Parasitic Examination: Monday through Saturday

Test Classification and CPT Coding




Parasitic Examination

87015-Concentration (any type), for infectious agents (if appropriate)

87209-Smear, primary source with interpretation; complex special stain (eg, trichrome, iron hematoxylin) for ova and parasites (if appropriate)


Ova and Parasites

87177-Parasitic exam (if appropriate)

88312-Special stain-trichrome smear (if appropriate)

Special Instructions